Your Bipolar Disorder is not going to fix itself

Mental Health

It would be great if we were never born with a mental illness. I spent lots of time wishing that I wasn’t sick. I wished I didn’t have to deal with hallucinations or depression or suicidal thoughts. But no matter how much I wished, my sickness still remained. Hopeful wishing isn’t enough when you need to get healthy. You have to be an active participant in your health. You must get treated. The type of treatment you choose is up to you, but choose something.

I hope that hormones work for you as much as they have for me because hormone-based bipolar disorder can be managed. You do not have to live in the dark anymore when it comes to your health. Don’t sit back and wait for the answers to magically appear. Life doesn’t work like that. You must do you part. You must educate yourself and work hard to find a doctor who is knowledgeable about hormone balance. Connect with someone who can help you heal!

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