You can Overcome Bipolar Disorder

Mental Health

Its now known that our hormones regulate our mental health. And now that we know this, we can use hormone balance as a treatment option to treat bipolar disorder and other mood based disorders.

Will hormones fix every person’s mental health conditions/problems on planet earth?

Of course not. But hormone balance will offer some much needed relief to those of us who have a mood based mental condition.

I suffered violent mood swings, nervous breakdowns and hallucinations. All of my symptoms stopped once I started progesterone. Progesterone was the key.

Progesterone may be the key for you too.

So what are you waiting for? Start doing the work. Go to a doctor who specializes in hormone balance. Read Dr. Lee’s books “Hormone Balance Made Simple” and “What Your Doctor Didn’t Tell You About Menopause.” Balance your hormones, restore your mental health and get on with your life.

Good luck. If you have any specific questions that I didn’t cover in my blog, please email me at I look forward to chatting with you. x Doris

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