Chris Brown Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder

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I remember when Chris Brown punched out a few windows after his “Good Morning America” interview with Robin Roberts a few years ago. Robin had asked Chris to comment on his previous mishap with singer Rihanna after Chris and his team specifically said that he would only come on the show with the understanding that he wouldn’t be asked about the situation.

Of course they asked, in spite of his request. Some may call this good journalism, but where I’m from what happened was just plain shady.

When people have outbursts like the one Chris had, many people in the general public judge. Because so many of us think that our anger and rage and emotions are controlled by our willpower alone, when this isn’t the case. Yes, our will plays a role, as does our environment and upbringing, but there is a biological factor which also contributes to our emotions and rage and how they are expressed and this portion of emotion expression comes from our brains.

So what this means is you can have an iron will, you can be raised in the most loving home, with the best parents in the world, and you can still go ballistic if your brain isn’t healthy. You can’t tell yourself when you are depressed or angry, “Hey self-calm down right now! Self, be happy right now!” It’s not that easy.

It’s like someone with seizure disorder saying, “Hey seizure stop!”

It doesn’t work that way.

The same is true for bipolar disorder. It doesn’t matter how happy or how calm we want to be in that moment. If our body is reeling, if our brain is saying we are sad and we are angry, that is exactly what we feel. And what do we do to deal with it? We can fall asleep, drink bottles of wine, have lots of sex, detach from our bodies, binge eat sweets, play loud music, get high as a kite, we cut. We do whatever we have to do to stop the pain. If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, be thankful that you don’t because it’s not fun.

So back to Chris, Chris can’t just calm down when his rage is on fire.

Men who have a hormone-based bipolar disorder actually experience super aggression. What happens when men have a low progesterone imbalance, their testosterone turns into a super potent form of testosterone called dihydrotestosterone.

Regular testosterone gives men their bravado, their testiness, which is a good thing. But have you ever heard of too much of a good thing? That’s what high dihydrotestosterone is. Its too much bravado, too much anger and rage, too much aggression and the poor guys can’t even help it. Some are in jail. Others have committed very violent crimes while experiencing symptoms of their disease. And some are sitting in there rooms or at their jobs feeling stuck wondering if they will ever feel like their old selves again.

The way we end all of the pain and suffering of individuals like Chris, is to treat these disorders at the root. And if the root cause of a mental or mood disorder is a hormone imbalance, that imbalance can be fixed and the disease can be managed. We don’t have to live with these hormone based disorders. Men like Chris don’t either. If Chris ever stumbles across my page, I would say, everyone isn’t against you Chris. There are people who are rooting for you. If your bipolar disorder is hormone based, you can recover. You don’t have to live with the rage and depression any more. Good luck. Doris

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