Post Partum Depression is Real

Mental Health

Carol Coronado, a 30 year old mother of three, stabbed her three children to death and more than likely it was due to postpartum depression. Severe postpartum depression can cause delusions, hallucinations and psychosis, the same symptoms found in mental illness. The reason? Hormone imbalance. If you believe you are suffering from postpartum depression talk to your doctor immediately, preferably one that has experience in hormone balance.

Below is a synopsis of what happened according to Daily Mail Online.


Carol Coronado, 30, (pictured left with one of her children and right) was found naked in bed clutching a knife alongside the bloody bodies of her daughters, ages three, two and two months. The killings took place at the family home near Torrance, California while Coronado’s husband and mother were at the property (center). A neighbor said the children’s grandmother told her that her daughter had called earlier in the day and was going crazy. Coronado was arrested on suspicion of murder, taken to a hospital for examination and then to a sheriff’s station for booking. Authorities say she made no statement.

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