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Mental Health

I know being sick isn’t fun, that’s why I started this blog. That’s why I wrote my book. I did all of this to let you know that if your mental illness is caused by a hormone imbalance, you can manage it, you can fix it and hopefully you can live symptom-free, like I am.

I’m not a supernatural, extra special type of human being who holds the secret to good health. I’m just a woman who wanted to be well. I wanted to live what was left of my life with some decency. Mental illness had robbed me of so much.

It shattered relationships with friends and other loved ones. I felt like an animal when I was too sick to bathe or brush my teeth. I was so gone many days. I would cry and scream at ghosts that were coming through my window, all while longing to die. Who wants to live like that? I didn’t.

And I’m gonna take a guess and say that you don’t either.

I’m not the only person who can get healthy. You can get well too.
Read. Learn all you can about estrogen dominance. Estrogen dominance is a real condition and it’s causing real mental illness in so many of us and it’s not going to go away, unless we treat it.

You are doing the right thing by coming to this page. Keep searching. Keep looking for answers.
Read Dr. John Lee’s books and Dr. C.W. Randolph and Dr. Michael Platt and Dr. James Wilson’s books. The information is out there is just taking some time to get introduced into clinical practice, but it’s out there.

Good luck to you!


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