Now is the Time to Restore your Mental Health

Mental Health

Now is the time to restore your mental health. Do not wait for a physician or your husband or wife to tell you to get better. Tell yourself that you can get better. Stop waiting for someone to convince you to take care of yourself.

When you sit alone in your room and cry and think of a thousand ways to kill yourself, its you suffering all alone. You have to make tough decisions regarding your health so that you can feel better.

You can’t sit around and think answers are going to fall from the sky because they aren’t. Do your research. Research estrogen dominance.

Have you always had severe PMS? Fertility issues? Heavy bleeding during your menstrual cycle? Anxiety issues? Blood sugar irregularities? Migraines? Cystic breasts or ovaries? If so, these are signs of high estrogen. If you are male, look at the women on your affected side of the family, do they have any of these conditions? If so, that’s a good indication that you have inherited the wacky family hormonal imbalance.

You can fight this illness, you can feel better and you can manage your symptoms! But this will never happen if you keep denying that you have an illness in the first place or if you are too afraid to treat it. Push aside the fear and get to it, your good health is waiting on you! You can do this! I know you can! Believe!

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