Let’s get rid of mental illness

Mental Health

I think it’s safe to say that most people with mental illness want to be rid of it. I’ve spoken to a few, a very small minority, who say they “like” the eccentricity the diseases cause.

Well, not me! And I’m gonna take a guess that you feel just as I do.

That’s why you’re here. You’re here because you’re ready to take steps—no not steps, you’re ready to take leaps and bounds towards overcoming your disease.

I can’t stress this enough—I wouldn’t be well today if I hadn’t balanced my hormones.

For many years, I hoped and prayed and wished that my disease would go away and that I’d be healthy.
But no matter how much wishing and praying I did, I never got well.

I didn’t get well until I mixed some hard work and action into what I was hoping for.

My recovery happened very quickly once I started working. I starting reading and visiting my doctor and asking questions and questioning my doctors and paying attention to my body and symptoms. And when I started doing all these things I came across the work of the late Dr. John Lee and his work on estrogen dominance.

After reading his work, it was clear I had this condition and that it was causing so many of my symptoms. I followed Dr. Lee’s guidelines for getting well and my life changed forever.

I’m so glad I’m free!

I want to encourage you to strive for the same freedom. I want you to have faith and to dream. But also, with your faith, mix in some hard work, sweat and dedication and then be prepared to soar!

Good luck to you!

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