If you are estrogen dominant, you do not need to take more estrogen!

Mental Health

I get lots of emails from readers who say they are estrogen dominant and that they are taking estrogen to treat it. This is NOT good. If you are estrogen dominant, this means that your estrogen levels are too high, adding more estrogen on already high levels of estrogen is really dangerous and not a good idea.

By adding estrogen to estrogen dominance, you can expect more anxiety, autoimmune problems, headaches, excessive fatigue and poor concentration. I could go on and on about the symptoms of high estrogen. If you have high estrogen do not take more estrogen, this includes estrogen found in birth control pills. If you feel you need birth control, you will need to find an alternative non-hormonal birth control so that you can keep your sanity.

If you have high estrogen, you MUST take progesterone. The real, bioidentical kind. Not a synthetic progestin.

Here are a few things you need to know when starting progesterone, progesterone it is NOT like taking a magic pill. It will not make all of your mental and physical problems will disappear instantly. It does not happen like that. It took months and years for the imbalance to get to such a severe state it takes a while to dig your body out of that state. With progesterone, you should notice a gradual improvement in your symptoms over time until your symptoms are undetectable.

They key with progesterone supplementation is to take high amounts of progesterone in the beginning. Dr. Lee called this a loading dose. The purpose of this higher than normal dose is to restore depleted levels. Once your symptoms are under control, you can take lower amounts or physiological amounts, the amounts your body should be making on its own.

When you start progesterone its common to feel worse before you feel better. I went through this. Most of us with this imbalance go through this. Don’t be afraid, you will get through it. The initial discomfort you experience in the beginning of therapy is worth the prize of your health that is waiting for you on the other side.

If your hormones are off balanced, get them balanced so that you can get your life back. We were not created to live in a body that does not make sufficient progesterone. Major damage happens to our bodies and brains when we do….progesterone does much more than fertility! Balance your hormones and balance your mental health. Good luck to you! Doris

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