I survived bipolar disorder and you can too

Mental Health

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when I was 19 years old and of course when I received my diagnosis, I thought my life was over. I knew there was no cure. There were no preventative treatments back in 1997 when I was diagnosed. Only powerful psychiatric medications to numb my mind. I was afraid of them. I didn’t grow up taking lots of different medications, but more than that I was afraid that what little piece that was somewhat working properly would somehow be numbed by the drugs.

I never wanted to take meds, so I never did. It was rough. And now that I look back it was pretty dangerous. I could have killed myself a few times trying to handle things with my willpower method. But I made it. Thank God I survived bipolar disorder because I discovered that my hormones were causing my mood swings. And since I have learned this, I have been able to regain my health. And if you have a hormone based mental illness, you can regain your health too. With some hard work and dedication, you can get well too.

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