I have to keep telling

Mental Health

I have to keep telling my story. Mental illness is real.

It’s not something that is made up. It’s not a disease for the weak or fragile.

It rocks you at your core. It’s devastating. At least it was for me.

I know some people will say that they enjoy the creativity that it can bring and they like the bursts of energy that can come from being manic. And I understand that mindset. Every day with bipolar disorder wasn’t a bad day. But when the bad days came, they were downright intolerable.

I would have to give myself pep talks not to kill myself. It was draining.

But thankfully, those days are gone.

I don’t live there anymore. I have been symptom free (from bipolar disorder) for almost 7 years now and progesterone has made all the difference.

If you think a hormone imbalance is making you sick, please explore hormone therapy as a treatment option. It has changed my life and maybe it can change yours too! Good luck and don’t give up.


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