Have You Heard of Vitex (Chasteberry)??

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A woman asked me recently if I had ever heard of Vitex and if so, what my thoughts on it were. I had never heard of Vitex/Chasteberry before she mentioned it, but after doing some research, I became instantly intrigued. Vitex has been clinically proven to increase progesterone levels by suppressing excessive prolactin levels. An herb that naturally increases progesterone levels! This is wonderful. Often times, women with low progesterone are prescribed birth control pills, Motrin, psychiatric medications, but rarely is hormone balance explored or herbal supplements that aid in hormone balance.

I’m excited to try this herb. Have you tried it before? Biomedical literature shows that Vitex exerts its therapeutic influence in the body by lowering prolactin. High prolactin can suppress ovulation and interfere with progesterone synthesis after ovulation. So if you know for a fact that your prolactin levels are interfering with your cycle Vitex may be a supplement worth exploring.

Are you currently taking Vitex? If so, what has been your experience with it good and bad? I want to hear from you! I plan on trying the herb and will be sure to update the blog once I do.

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