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My daughter was diagnosed with bipolar last year at age 17. The reason was for her extreme mood swings and incredible anger, violent and some depression. I started to notice that she became 100% worse the week before her period. She has been on ortho tri cyclen since about age 12 for bad acne. This past may she was in a mental health facility due to her violence and was given lithium, and lamictal. Recently she has been complaining about lack of concentration and was now given propranolol. So at 18 she is now taking 61/2 pills a day! I keep bringing up the thing about the week before her period but no one is doing anything about it. She has no side effects from all the meds but I’m not convinced they’re working either. So my question is, do you think it’s could be hormonal. I do think it is but I’m very nervous to take her off everything and try something new, especially since she will be leaving for college in 8 months. Help!

Doris’ ANSWER:

Based on what you have told me, it sounds like your daughter may have a hormone imbalance called estrogen dominance.

Estrogen dominance is a term that was coined by the late Dr. John Lee, it means that estrogen is dominating in the body due to low progesterone levels. Estrogen is not a “bad” hormone per se, but it becomes extremely toxic when not properly balanced by progesterone.

This imbalance caused my bipolar disorder and I’m convinced its causing the bipolar, schizophrenia, and mental health problems of many others.

Is there a history of mental health problems on your side of the family? Or on your daughter’s dad’s side of the family? I ask because hormone imbalances tend to be genetic.

If there is no history of mental health problems on either side of the family there is a possibility that the birth control pills your daughter has been taking for acne treatment have altered her hormone levels as Ortho-tricyclen contains synthetic versions of estrogen and progesterone.

I have attached a photo below for you to view.

Menstrual Cycle

This photo shows what happens during our monthly menstrual cycle. If you look at the bottom left and right corners you will see the word menses, which is of course when menstruation occurs. If you could please look at the corresponding estradiol (yellow) and progesterone levels during menses and then also look at them through days 7 and 28 when menstruation doesn’t occur.

If you look at the photo you see that both estradiol and progesterone increase during this time (days 7-28). Estradiol spikes just before ovulation and then progesterone dominates after ovulation.

If your body can not make enough progesterone due to inovulation or luteal insufficiency, estrogen (estradiol) is left to in the body unbalanced and this causes all kinds of mental and physical health problems.

If your daughter’s mental health problems are caused by low progesterone, only progesterone will give her the relief she truly seeks. Psychiatric medications aren’t progesterone and they can never take progesterone’s place. They simply mask the symptoms caused by low progesterone.

To help your daughter, I suggest that you find a doctor who knows how to balance her hormones. I would suggest that she try a non hormonal treatment to deal with her acne and go off the birth control pills. Progesterone will heal her moods, if low progesterone is the cause of her symptoms.

Once she finds an effective way to manage her symptoms, she can go to college and do anything else her heart desires.

I hope this helps. x Doris